Works on Olympic Village under way

The Porta Romana real estate investment“fund” – promoted and managed by COIMA SGR and underwritten by Covivio, Prada Holding and the COIMA ESG City Impact fund – has announced the launch of excavation works in the Scalo di Porta Romana area for the Olympic Village, aan asset awarded following a tender procedure by Gruppo FS Italiane.

In order to meet the timeline for construction and delivery of the Olympic Village (July 31, 2025), the Fondo Porta Romana has submitted a special order to the Municipality of Milan to start preparatory excavations and works for the construction of the Olympic Village while awaiting the completion of the Approved Building Permit filed on October 28, 2021.

After the reclamation works in the area – completed on schedule before the summer, thanks in part to the collaboration of the relevant public authorities – the launch of the excavation is another vital step in meeting the commitments of the Olympic event, which is the primary objective of the institutions involved alongside the Fondo Porta Romana.

The Olympic Village represents the first building block in the extensive Scalo di Porta Romana urban regeneration project, and reflects Milan’s “Olympic spirit”. In practical terms, it will be a core space for the 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which will then be returned to the urban community by being converted into student housing offering over 1,400 beds. As outlined in the “Parco Romana” Masterplan, the Village will be located in the area to the south-west of the Scalo railway yard and will guarantee continuity with the existing functions and a general balance with the neighborhood.


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