The redevelopment of the Porta Romana Railway Yard is a long-term, urban regeneration project, which is part of an articulated authorisation process consisting of several phases. 

Firstly, the Porta Romana Fund put the challenge to one hundred architects and engineers, with an International Selection Process. They then took feedback from thousands of Milan residents. Soon after this phase, the Olympic Village design process was initiated along with the definition of the Integrated Project Plan.


December 2020: The Porta Romana Fund announced the International Selection Process to draft the Masterplan for the redevelopment of the disused Railway Yard, on the basis of a document with guidelines for the provision of public, service and, above all, green spaces, as well as a system for connection and accessibility, a morphological layout in relation to the context and a feasible design to be carried out in phases. The entire process was supervised by a jury of technical experts.

Il Concorso Internazionale - Scalo Porta Romana

First phase of the selection process

The first phase was concluded on 5 January 2021, with the selection of 6 finalist groups invited to participate in the second phase of the selection process.

47 multidisciplinary teams
329 subjects involved
14 nationalities

Second phase of the selection process

The second phase concluded on 31 March 2021, with the announcement of the winning Masterplan, «Parco Romana»

Team led by Outcomist, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, PLP Architecture and Carlo Ratti Associati and ARUP


In April 2021, citizens of Milan were asked to contribute to the winning Parco Romana Masterplan, to make an assessment and allow the architects to perfect their initial proposal.

The entire project was supported by dedicated digital communications support, through direct mail, social engagement and news updates on institutional websites, in addition to public announcements made through the InformaMi newsletter of the Municipality of Milan.


15 days
4 meetings
100% digital
+3500 people attending live
1695 online questionnaires completed


In July 2021, the Olympic Village project was presented, the first building block in the extensive Scalo di Porta Romana urban regeneration project. The design process for the Village, with delivery planned for July 2025, takes place parallel to the process for the whole Railway Yard.

The post-Olympic plan:

  • The neighbourhood will have a mixed cultural/university function
  • New student housing solutions will take over from the athlete accommodation
  • The open spaces will be given to the city as social meeting places


In April 2022, the Porta Romana Fund outlined the definitive proposal for the Integrated Project Plan (IPP). This document follows the guidelines laid out by the Municipality of Milan and includes the main observations released following discussion with the city’s citizens and institutions. The proposal envisages a more homogeneous distribution of structures and connections to improve the use of spaces and services. The size of the areas for public use as proposed in the initial proposal has also be increased.


Final dossier for the Parco Romana Masterplan Public Consultation