Conservation of the ex Squadra Rialzo building

As part of the reclamation work in progress at the Porta Romana Rail Yard, in March 2022 the works for the conservation of the former Rialzo Squad began, a building once used for the maintenance of railway trains and whose maintenance is provided for by the railway yard regeneration Masterplan, despite the fact that there are no historical constraints on it.

The area occupied by the building must be subjected to environmental remediation of the land with excavations 2 meters deep. This solicitation adds criticality to the static problems already inherent in the building.

The east and west fronts of the former Rialzo Squad, the most representative from an architectural point of view, will be kept in their original configuration and safeguarded during the reclamation work thanks to shoring aimed at ensuring the tightness of the walls..

The north and south walls will instead be subject to demolition and subsequent reconstruction, necessary to facilitate the maintenance and recovery of the building as a whole. These activities ensure that the reclamation works are carried out safely and that the times dictated by the construction of the Olympic Village are respected.

At the end of the works, the entire building will be restored to its original configuration, thanks also to an accurate 3D survey made to ensure the success of the reconstruction process.

Conservazione edificio ex Squadra Rialzo

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