From railway yard to new city feature

Located in the urban sector to the south of the city, between via Ripamonti and corso Lodi, the disused Porta Romana railway yard is the subject of an urban regeneration project inspired by the principles of sustainability. The project is on a par with the best urban projects in Europe, in terms of quality, size and purpose.

From railway yards to new city

The Scalo di Porta Romana journey stated in 2005, with the “Scali Milano” project, created to redevelop over 1 million sqm of disused land: Seven Milanese railway yards were completely re-envisaged, becoming new urban polarities at the centre of the city’s life and economy.

The programme agreement

This ambitious urban regeneration plan is regulated by a Programme Agreement drafted following a long, shared process, which succeeded in involving and impassioning architects, urban planners and citizens from the neighbourhoods involved.

The area

Located on the outskirts of Municipality 5, the area is a part of the city dedicated to residential activities, characterised to the south by industrial and artisanal zones, which have been object of a major urban planning project via the re-location of important service sector and cultural beacons like Prada, Smemoranda and Symbiosis. In the past, the Railway Yard was a barrier that reinforced the distance between the north and the south, and represented an element of division in the design of the city, crossed only on the outskirts, to the east and west.

The New Scalo di Porta Romana

In 2020, the Italian state railway group, Gruppo FS Italiane, launched a public bidding process for the sale of the former Porta Romana railway yard. In November 2020, after 9 months and with the participation of 20 of the best Italian and international operators in the property sector, the call for bids was closed to award the redevelopment of the Scalo di Porta Romana. The project was won by the Porta Romana Fund, controlled by COIMA and backed by Covivio, Prada Holding and COIMA ESG City Impact fund, with an offer of 180 million euros.

From the end of 2020, the Porta Romana Fund then perfected the preliminary contract for the acquisition of the area and launched the International Selection Process to draft the Masterplan for the regeneration of Milan’s Scalo di Porta Romana.

On 24 November 2022, the Porta Romana Fund purchased the area for a total value of 180 million euros.